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I mapping space

on my site you see art works of an ever ongoing research project mapping space:  project central themes: geography or biography of landscape; 'time and place', 'rise and fall' in spatial structures

all my works relate to dialectics in construction and destruction within both culture and nature

being also a human geographer i see the world as a façade and am foremost interested in the relationship between public and private space, in the beyonds of my photo souvenirs of details of the world:

#1  research on the image grammar of public space/landscape 

#2  studies on color structures in public space/preliminary works on cartographics

#3  abstract works on landscape; studies on archetypes in culture and nature


I digital paintings 

all works on this site are photoworks/digital paintings I inkjet print on fine art baryta paper, sandwich plexiglas Diasec® & dibond I standard limited edition of any work or a series is 5

within limits, my believe is that the size a single edition of any digital painting for whatever purpose should be adaptable to suit specific architectural circumstances


I publications

2 books on the work american soil I remains of a land art journey :

- american soil I artist photo book, 48 pages, 30 x 30 cm I limited edition 100, 2018 I eco printed and bound by henk tienkamp, groningen I numbered and signed edition: € 95 (excl. shipping costs)

- american soil I handmade loose leaf artist photo book I 30 x 30 x 3 cm I 21 photo prints on fine art baryta paper I prints by arjan van der raadt, fotovaklab de verbeelding, purmerend I book cover: handmade by handboekbinderij judith van daal, dodewaard I artist edition 5 I 2018 I note: the 21 photo prints can be framed to compile the artwork


I exhibitions​

a special exhibition concerns sequenza in the monumental gasworks of deventer during the ijsselbiënnale 2017 curated by koos hoogland (museum eicas, deventer 2023)


I lies holstein (bedum 1950)

i live and work in terwolde, the netherlands; graduated in monumental architectural art/art in public place as well as in human geography/international and political development studies. i worked at home and abroad in research & development in many a project and remain a politician in the fields of spatial planning, landscape and environment, architecture and housing 

my work on panorama's of landscape/cityscape is so far hidden away on this site

the colored structure of the dahlia keeps me busy all along. dahlia's are basic to all the work i'm into

anyway, all my work comes down to spatial planning, engineering and human relations or to the square, circle and triangle


I contact 

for any information on the project mapping space, specific works, artist books or a visit to my studio please feel free to contact info [at] liesholstein.nl or +31(0)611222328


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